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Our story 


2012 - The very 1st courses in Pharmacovigilance, in Bioforum 

Our meeting with Yehudit Wexler, Bioforum CEO, is a turning point, as she immediately understood the importance of Pharmacovigilance and invited me to organize the 1rst 2days-training, in Israel, on the European Good Practices in Pharmacovigilance. Since then, Yehudith's interest in drug then in vaccine safety has never failed and she is present at every step of our story.   

2013 - Launching ISOP ISRAEL 

Upon my Alyah in 2013, I wanted to bring my knowledge and my 25-year experience to Israel. At that time,  the most relevant was to link with ISOP, the International Society of Pharmacovigilance, and to create the Israeli Chapter. With few co-founders, we started with the HOT TOPICS IN PHARMACOVIGILANCE, meetings in the pharmaceutical companies when the new Israeli regulation on Pharmacovigilance was issued.


November 2014 - ISOP endorses officially ISOP ISRAEL in Tianjin, China

Our excellent team  has expanded.  Then starting with Prof Matatiahou Berkovitch, in Israel
we were endorsed by our Scientific Committee, which grew up with the years.

At the same time, we were strongly supported by our prestigious International

Advisory Board chaired by Prof Herve Le Louet, previous ISOP President,currently

President of the CIOMS and the Uppsala Drug Monitoring Center . Our renowned experts still with us today.


2015-2018 - Setup a multidisciplinary strategy to decrease the risk of high-alert medications  

Mixing several methods, we have set up an innovative approach, thanks to our partnership with  ISMP,

The Institute for Safe Medication Practices, to address the risk of anticoagulants, that we have chosen as a pilot project.

This strategy was led and implemented by Guila Lion in the Maayanei Hayeshua Medical Center. 

With eVeDrug, our  partner, we translated a mobile app to report adverse reactions,       

Also involved in risk communication, we have been partners with PSI (the Pharmaceutical Society of

Israel) for a campaign led by the Superpharm chain of community pharmacies, to advise and inform patients on anticoagulants.


2019 - International Symposium 360 of Drug Safety 

The results of the previous projects were presented in the ISOP Annual meeting (Geneva)

and in our 1rst symposium,  organized in Tel Aviv, with top-notch lecturers and attended

by 174 participants.  it was focused on the methods and tools to prevent medication errors,

to decrease adverse reactions, for special populations.

Videos and full program are available on our site.

2020-2021 - Information Campaign on COVID 19 and COVID Vaccines 

In front of the COVID 19 pandemic, we have decided to open our activities to the general public and we set up an information campaign with more than 40 webinars and lectures within 18 months, in Israel and abroad.  We set up the multidisciplinary Task Force on Vaccines, a 22 people team of high-level physicians, pharmacists, and scientists. Thousands of people have attended our activities 

We have developed a set of questions and answers, in lay language and in more scientific level, collaborated with Latin America and North America Chapters and with the Global Pharmacovigilance Society, created several series of webinars: COVID Vaccines around the world, Tells us a safety story, Hot Summer in Drug Safety, Drug Safety in COVID era. We are working in English, French, and Hebrew. All videos are available on YouTube and our website.  

November 2021 - Creation of ERANIM ISRAELthe Israeli Society for Medication and Vaccine Safety,

Why ERANIM?   

  • to continue all our activities with free access,

  • to welcome both healthcare professionals and the general public,

  • to be an independent and multidisciplinary association learned society, but still linked to learned societies and ISOP,

  • because we believe that medication and vaccine safety must not be a field for the experts but should be considered as a Public Health activity involving all stakeholders,

  • to be the Israeli voice within our network of vigilance.


Whereas  ISOP

  • restricts the access to the activities to its members,

  • is a learned society composed of and dedicated to professionals,

  • is focused on expert activities.

Eranim in Hebrew means the vigilant people 

Anyone interested in Medication and Vaccine Safety is welcome to join us in ERANIM ISRAEL.

The membership is free for the 1rst year.                                                                      To register click here 


Dr Irene Rina Fermont, MD, MSc



Member, Foreign Correspondent of the  French Academy of Pharmacy  

ISOP Tianjin 2014_edited_edited.jpg
ISOP top.png


  • To Promote Safe Medication Practices

  • To Enhance awareness and  provide science-based information on Vaccines

  • Through Education, Communication, and Research

  • To healthcare professionals and the general public

  • To be an actor in times of Public Health crisis and pandemic


  • To be an  Innovative and  Multidisciplinary Platform

  • To Share Experience, Expertise, and Knowledge

  • For All Stakeholders, Healthcare Professionals and the general public  

  • To strengthen the collaboration between Israel and the international community      

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