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Confidentiality policy

  • The website is hosted by the company WIX and owned by the association, ERANIM ISRAEL, a non-profit organization

  • When you register to one of our events or to any social media group, we collect your name and email address, and affiliation. We use these data to send you our newsletters or information about the new events, or the link to the webinars. 

  • We never disclose to a third party these private data. The newsletters are sent through the tool Sendinblu, owned by the association. 

  • The private data are protected and accessible only by authorized members of the association in charge of the website management.

  •  For any problem, please write to :


Editorial Policy 

All information on Immunisation, on any vaccine or medication, is evidence-based and reviewed by the Vaccine Task Force members, which includes physicians, pharmacists, and scientists, experts in their field.

The fields of expertise represented in the Task Force are listed below.

All articles or Questions and Answers are peer-reviewed among the Task Force members. As references, we use only health agencies and institutional websites, and scientific journals, all with established reputations. Among them: FDA, CDC, EMA, Vaccine Safety Net, MHRA, WHO, ANSM, the Israeli Ministry of Health, The Lancet. the British Medical Journal, The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature... 

Our graphs and curves are based on the Israeli Ministry of Health dashboard and are issued by an engineer, physicist.  

For our General Press review, we use the general press from several countries and when a study is quoted we find the source. 

Our scientific literature review is registered in an internal document that will be published soon on the website. 


The site includes a facility to " ask a question". These queries are responded to as quickly as possible and the content of the website is updated regularly and when appropriate.


We provide information also via other media: WhatsApp, Facebook, emails, and calls.

We are committed to promoting good immunization practices, providing balanced and transparent information, and presenting reasonable sides of controversial issues in a fair way.


We are fully aware that the knowledge on COVID-19 and COVID 19 vaccines is rapidly evolving. Breakthrough technologies have been used for the 1rst time, New regulatory processes have been implemented. New immunization strategies have been applied. 

Therefore, despite our continuous literature and institutional survey, it can happen that some specific information could be refuted by new scientific discoveries. We are doing our best to update the website, or our social media information as soon as possible.


      Sponsorship Policy

Our past and present partners are very precious in bringing scientific support, participating in our activity, and sharing information between our members.

ERANIM's website is sponsored by neither our partners nor any organization. 


  • Pharmacovigilance 

  • Pharmacology              

  • Laboratory Medicine

  • Virology

  • Immuno-hematology

  • Pharmaco-epidemiology

  • Molecular Biology and Genetics

  • Veterinary Medicine 

  • Pediatric Cardiology

  • Pediatrics

  • Intensive care

  • General Medicine  

  • Neurosciences

  • Physics 

  • Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

  • IT and web designer

  • Social Media 

  • Political Sciences

  • Education Sciences

  • Teacher  

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