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Short Biography of Dr Irene Rina  Fermont, MD, MSc

Irene  Rina Fermont has dedicated her career to patients’ safety. As a physician, Immuno-hematologist, she started with the setup of the Bone Marrow Graft unit in the Versailles Blood Bank and implemented a first of its kind experience in the Hospital de l’Ouest Parisien: implementing procedures and several autotransfusion techniques, educating the whole staff which led to decrease blood transfusions by 50% within a year.

Completing her education with a Master in Bioengineering in Ecole Centrale Paris, she initiated large projects such as turnkey blood banks for developing countries and worked with Hebrew University technology transfer.

For more than 25 years, she created and managed Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management departments or companies at international level. Struck by the crisis she managed with a Low Molecular Weight Heparin, she created the working group on Misuse and Medication Error, gathering Pharmacovigilance centres, industry and authorities, whose results were included in the French Good Pharmacovigilance Practices, several years before the European guidelines.

Irene is the founder and director of her own consulting company IFC in Israel, France and UK. Pioneering risks prevention, teaching on Risk Management, advocating multisciplinary and system approach, proposing new concepts, her passion led to the creation of the Israeli Chapter of ISOP, the International Society of Pharmacovigilance in 2013. Teaching and conceiving new projects to address unmet medication safety issues are her main drivers, in international congresses, in several countries and in Israel for more than 10 years. She is an active member of the ISOP Working Group on Risk Communication.

Since 2020, initiation of an intensive information campaign on COVID19 and COVID Vaccines with the set up of a Vaccine Task Force of 20 high level professionals. Organisation of more than 40 webinars at national and international level, set up of  FAQ in the website, literature survey distribution through WhatsApp groups and Facebook, hot line. Wide range of targeted audience : healthcare professionals, experts in pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacology, and the general public. Languages: English, French, and Hebrew    

Cofounder and chairperson of the non-profit and independent association  ERANIM Israeli Society for Medication and Vaccine Safety.

As a recognition of the achieved work of the Task Force and the association , ERANIM is now the 101st  member of Vaccine Safety Net, a WHO international network of websites providing a reliable information on vaccines safety. Among the prestigious members we can mention : CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, John Hopkins School of Public Health, Brighton Collaboration, Paul Ehrlich Institute …

Another distinction was afforded : Irene Fermont has been elected member , Foreign Correspondent (Israel) of the French Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Irene Fermont is Ambassador of the Global Pharmacovigilance Society which is a partner with Eranim.    

Dr  Irene  Rina Fermont

Cofounder  & Chair ERANIM ISRAEL,

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