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Who should attend ERANIM events? 

  • If you are interested in medication and vaccines safety 

  • If you are looking for science-based and honest information on vaccines 

  • You are a Healthcare Professional, you want to receive the updated information

  • From the general Public, you want to understand the different aspects of the vaccines

  • You need to debunk fake news and fight infodemic around you    

ERANIM ISRAEL  provides many resources

  • Frequent Asked Questions, short and simple 9 English & French

  • Scientific articles , a more in-depth summary of scientific literature

  • The ERANIM ISRAEL Chronicle Whatsapp group : to register 

  • Webinars : register to receive our newsletter 

  • Videos of all our events

  • Facebook

  • Youtube Channel

  • YouTube

To register to the WhatsApp group CHRONICLE

and receive the literature survey

 HERE   in English

 HERE   in French 

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