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2nd Online Summit 


2 September 2020

4:00pm Israel Time  ( UTC+3) 

 Program 2 September 

  • Medication errors in COVID era: ISMP and FDA experience 

Dr. Michael Cohen, Founder, and President of ISMP (Institute for Safe Medications Practices )  USA

  • Impact of infographics for Adverse event reporting on patient engagement 

Prof.Nick Sevdalis: Director Center for Implementation Science and Patient Safety, King's College London, UK

  • The Impact of the COVID-19 “Infodemic” on Drug-Utilization Behaviors
    Dr. Marco Tuccori: Coordinator of the Tuscan Regional Centre of Pharmacovigilance; Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (AIFA). ISOP International Board Member.

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During the Corona pandemic, many therapeutic assumptions have been made, driven by the urgency to treat severely affected patients. Some drugs were already well known for other indications, and some of them are new molecules. 

There were numerous attempts to publish non-peered review articles to quickly share experiences among clinicians. However, this sense of urgency has brought hasty and contradictory results which have caused confusion and at time panic, when claims that the virus increases toxicity of certain drugs


CIOMS* has issued a statement stressing the importance of demonstrating the benefit-risk profile of hypothetical treatments by adhering to thorough science-based evaluation with clinical trials and epidemiologic studies. CIOMS issued also a new report on Drug-Induced Liver Injury, particularly relevant in our current situation.


This workshop will address these urgent issues, as well as medication errors, misuse, and miscommunication. We are proud to welcome our speakers who are renowned international experts.

CIOMS*: Council of International Organization of Medical Sciences, a WHO-UNESCO founded the organization, setting up, since 1949, the standards for international clinical, safety and quality regulations)

Program 15 July 

Review of safety issues of drugs used with COVID 19 patients, either to treat the infection, or drugs who may impact the severity of the infection

16:00-16:05 Opening words

 Dr. Rina Irene Fermont, Chairman ISOP ISRAEL

16:05-16:20 From Our Guest lecturer from the USA : The Battle Against COVID-19: Are we behind the Eight Ball?

Peter Pitts: president of CMPI Center for Medicine in Public Interest, past FDA Associate Commissioner

16:20-16:35  Inaugural Lesson: COVID 19 drugs in pregnancy

Prof. Gideon Koren, Paediatrician, and pharmacologist, Founder of Motherisk International in Canada, Israel and many other countries, Ariel  University

16:35-16:50 Drugs used regularly by patients which may affect the severity of COVID19 Infection

Dr. Lee Goldstein: president of the  Israeli Clinical Pharmacology Association, Head of the pharmacology  department at Afula Medical Center

 16:50-17:05 The different approaches to validate the safety profile when repositioning a drug for a new indication;

Prof Gideon Koren

17:05-17:20  Using Artificial Intelligence to detect adverse events

Dr Gidi Stein, CEO MedAware, AI solution to prevent medication errors

What you will learn?

  • Better evaluate the safety profile of drugs used in COVID patients

  • Understand how to validate assumptions when repositioning a drug in a new indication

  • How to avoid medications errors and ways to evaluate your practices

  • Ways to measure before and after implementing your safety measures

  • How to communicate with patients controversial, insufficiently proven medications

Become a member, be proactive in drug  safety, present your safety cases and enjoy all the benefits 

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