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16-17 September  

ISOP International and  WHO 


ISRAEL session will open the conference 



A 2 days huge event in several languages, with the participation of all ISOP Chapters worldwide,

with a focus on medication errors. 


Experts from all over the world will present :   

  • Webinars in different languages 

  • Posters and abstracts

  • Infographics, videos

ISOP ISRAEL is proud to be an actor in this outstanding event

  • organization of a webinar session

  • collecting and assessing documents, videos, articles, posters... 

If you want to be published in this event, with wide exposure,

Contact us before the 7 September 



Combining tools, methods, AI, and IT, to prevent medication errors: the ISOP ISRAEL multidisciplinary strategy

Speakers : Dr Irene Fermont, Prof Gideon Koren, Dr. Gidi Stein, Dr. Gil Mileikowsky 

Moderator : Dr Irene Fermont 

More details coming soon...

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