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LATIN AMERICA Part 2 in ERANIM series COVID Vaccines Around The World

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

23 March 2022

10:00 am in Argentina, 15:00 in Israel 18:30 in India

Mexico 7.00 am Argentina- Brazil-Chile 10:00 am

Peru-Cuba- 8:00 am UK 13:00

Colombia-New York 8:00 am France 14:00 Israel 15:00 India 18:30

Co-Chaired by

Dr Raquel Herrera Comoglio

Session Coordinator

& Dr Irene Rina Fermont Chair ERANIM Israel


  • ARGENTINA Dr Raquel Herrera Comoglio, Head of Pharmacovigilance Service, Hospital Nacional de Clínicas, School of Medical Sciences, National University of Córdoba, Argentina

  • BRAZIL Prof Adalton Guimaraes Ribeiro, Former Consultant in the Brazilian Health Ministry, and Professor in Faculty Oswaldo Cruz and Post Graduation Institute,

  • CHILE DQF. Adiela Saldaña, MSc, Head Pharmacovigilance Section, Public Health Institute of Chile


Access is free but you must register by clicking in the following link:

An event supported by the our partner The Global Pharmacovigilance Society


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