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Short Biography of Dr Ayala Livneh

Presently in charge of quality procedures and ISO accreditation at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Infectious Diseases and Microbiology departement, and at the Ministry of Health Central Laboratories in Jerusalem.

Before her alyah in 2015, Dr. Livneh has been the founder and CEO of various companies in the clinical laboratory and biotechnology fields, as well as General Manager or Department Head in two of the main French medical diagnosis groups.

During a significant part of her professional life in France, she has been the sole representative of all private French biology laboratories to the National Reagent Vigilance Committee, directly appointed by the Minister of Health, with attendance to various working groups (watch and innovation, quality control, in-vitro diagnosis devices…).

Dr Ayala Livneh

ISOP ISRAEL Secretary, Ministry of Health, Reference Laboratory, Hadassah Hospital.

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