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Short Biography of Prof Nick Sevdalis

An experimental psychologist by training, Nick is a Professor of Implementation Science and Patient Safety, Director of the Centre for Implementation Science at King’s College London, Chief Editor of BMJ Simulation & Technology Enhanced Learning and Associate Editor of Implementation Science. Prior to this appointment, Nick was a Reader in Patient Safety in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College London, UK, and Deputy Director of the Imperial Patient Safety Translational Research Centre.

Nick’s research vision is to achieve population health and high quality healthcare delivery through application of psychological and behavioural sciences, including psychometrics, and partnership development between stakeholders in academia, health services, charitable organisations and industry. Nick’s research is situated within the multidisciplinary space of implementation science, improvement science, and applied psychology.

Nick has been investigating team-based care delivery – mainly in surgical and cancer pathways, amongst other clinical services. Nick is interested in the application of team science principles to improve safety and quality of care through improved team effectiveness. His research further focuses on systematically analysing implementation gaps in the delivery of improvement interventions (including checklists, team skills development, and clinical pathway redesign) and developing practical methods to address them.

Nick’s research has been disseminated in over 250 peer-reviewed publications and over 90 invited lectures worldwide, and has won over 25 national and international awards. He serves as an expert advisor to the UK’s Royal College of Anaesthetists Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group (since 2011). He has previously served on the Board of Directors of the US-based Association for Surgical Education (2013-16) and on numerous trials and study steering groups.

Prof Nick Sevdalis

Kings College London, Centre for Implementation Science and Patient Safety.

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