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Combining innovative methodologic and technologic tools and methods, ISOP ISRAEL built a new integrative and multidisciplinary strategy

  1- to analyse practices of drug safety in hospitals and in community and to identify the weaknesses all along the medication pathway from the manufacturer to the patient 

  2-to implement corrective actions: protocols, staff education, patient information, storage, devices POC.. .... 

 3-to educate the patient on risks and benefits, on questions he/she should ask before taking his/her medicine 

  4- to advocate the quick and simple reporting of adverse reactions through a free application and to analyse 


This strategy has been implemented in our 1st pilot centre: Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Centre for 2 years with impressive results on the case study of anticoagulants and can be now be applied to other high alert medications.
Working on this particular high-risk medications, we have build a team, a culture and a methodology that is easily transferable to other high-risk medications.

ISOP ISRAEL Multidisciplinary Strategy

To decrease Adverse Drug Reactions

At a glance 

Our innovative Strategy 

Convinced that only a multidisciplinary approach, at the system level, will allow to efficiently increase medication safety, we have designed an innovative multidisciplinary and integrated strategy to address the Public Health Issue of iatrogeny linked to medications, starting with anticoagulants as a case study. 








We are combining several tools proposed by organizations which are our  partners ; 

  • The Institute for Safe Medication Practices: the ISMP Self-Assessment for antithrombotic therapy which allows identifying to score the practices, identify the gaps and lead to a corrective action plan (Hebrew version)

  • My eReport from eVeDrug: internet and mobile application to quickly report adverse effects, sent to both (Hebrew Version)

  • BeMedWise : a organisation funded by FDA, dedicated to patient safety 

  • MedAware: a AI solution which prevents medication errors

  • Data2Life : to identify Adverse Reactions across the web 


Maayanei HaYeshua Medical Center : 1st pilot center

The strategy has been implemented in and presented in several Israeli and international conferences. Now that we have proven its feasibility and efficacy, our next step is to spread this strategy to other hospitals.  Currently discussing with other medical centers.


Other Projects   
  • in 2019, national campaign to decrease the risks of anticoagulants in Superpharm, a chain of community pharmacies, in collaboration with PSI (Pharmacist Association of Israel) we have collaborated to patient education

  • 2020 : Campaign to assess the safety profile of drugs used in the COVID  to support clinical teams for decision-making for a better benefit/risk balance for each patient. To start soon. 


Recent Publications

I.Fermont. "Pharmacovigilance strategy: opportunities for cross-national learning" Israel Journal of Health Policy Research. Published 19 June 2019 :

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